All systems are go!

Website is up (if you find anything weird or broken please let Q or Belsia know). We should be working on recruitment and getting new members soon, we have a very simple blurb for putting up in chat every now and then. You don’t have to spam. Feel free to make your own groups! We’re going to be using the blog system for event notifications/signups, so if you would like to create a new event let Q, Belsia, or Raaji know and they can post it up for you. I’ll try to get something set up for that. Maybe a forum post that people can reply to with what they want posted.

Site Progress!

Again, this is another test page. Also a notification that I pretty much just have to fix the styling on the site and it will be complete. Posts with the News category will have various news posts. Again, you should be able to click on the category on the right menu bar so that you can see an archive of just announcements and news blurbs.